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Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Marrakesh: Ali Bongo Ondimba calls for innovation and empowerment of women and youths
For the 5th Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) organized for the first time in Africa, the Gabonese head of state shared his intention to work on developing entrepreneurship, especially for young people and women, in front of nearly 3,000 international decision-makers and entrepreneurs – including a dozen Gabonese attendees.

Launched by US President Barack Obama in 2010 in order to give entrepreneurs the skills and resources necessary to support competition by multinationals and to thrive, the 5th Global Entrepreneurship Summit was opened with theme “Explore the power of technology promoting innovation and entrepreneurship”, allowing heads of state, international economic and political decision-makers and thousands of entrepreneurs to present their points of view and share their experience.

Being fully aware that “human resources are a key aspect to entrepreneurship”, and in line with the Social Pact devoted to the empowerment of economically-vulnerable households through the development of economic activity, Ali Bongo Ondimba articulated that “This means reinforcing the economic capacity of women and young people, inciting them start, create, pursue and reinforce activities that generate revenue and create jobs.”

Ali Bongo Ondimba and Joe Biden
Ali Bongo Ondimba and Joe Biden

Speaking after US Vice President Joe Biden, the head of state expounded on Gabonese youth, which is optimistic and hard-working. This was communicated especially at the Youth Summit, part of the New York Forum Africa 2014. “They have expressed their optimism in their future. They aspire for better jobs and better living conditions than their parents and therefore prefer to work in the private sector or in entrepreneurship because the old notions of lifelong careers and working in civil service are no longer attractive.”
Additionally, 2 weeks from the Grand Prize of Excellence sponsored by him, Ali Bongo Ondimba shared the spirit of this distinction. “They have restated the affirmation of a new generation of economic stakeholders confidently and ambitiously; one that is open to the world, one belonging to young Gabonese entrepreneurs who believe in themselves and who are working to meet the challenge of generation: a winning Gabon.”
At the same time, the Gabonese leader detailed to the audience the efforts made by Gabon to improve the business climate: “To further modernize our administration, ensure proper governance, reduce barriers to investment, create a world-class business framework, set up basic economic infrastructure and support competitively,” in order to pursue “the entire transformation process of our mentalities and our economy.”
Concluding his speech, Ali Bongo Ondimba recalled the inseparable link that exists between the world of business and the world of education so that everyone, “from primary school to higher education, from those who stay at home to those who work in public administration or in companies would have the ability to adapt to innovation, or even better, to innovate.”
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