Ambitions for the energy sector

Equipment at the Owendo thermal power station

Water and power are priority areas for leading Gabon towards emergence.
Access to drinking water for all citizens is a priority and energy is at the heart of the implementation of the Industrial Gabon pillar.

By 2016, several objectives will have been reached:

  • reform of governance in the water and electricity sector;
  • development of a sustainable, competitive 1200 MW energy supply;
  • setting up of a national electricity market, connected to the regional Markets;
  • promotion of a national industrial fabric in the hydrocarbons sector;
  • reinforcing of human capital.

2.8 billion dollars will be invested in water and energy by 2016.

Hydroelectric power

In order to meet the growing needs of the country and develop socio-economic activities in the regions, 3 new dams will be brought into operation between now and 2016:the Impératrice dam, the Fé 2 dam and Grand Poubara, the largest power project in Gabon.

Green electricity
To provide a swift response to the requirements of the population and industries of Gabon, two thermal power stations run on natural gas will produce 175 MW of green electricity by 2014.