Ambitions for the agricultural sector


President Ali Bongo Ondimba has placed a food security programme at the heart of the Green Gabon pillar of his agenda for social change, designed to create the conditions for an Emerging Gabon.This ambition obliges the department of agriculture to review its strategies and conceive of new objectives to help Gabon move forward.

The President’s Green Gabon pillar policy draws on an agricultural food security growth programme (PASAC).

The objectives of the PASAC are to:

  • implement a national food security programme (PNSA);
  • support the rehabilitation of struggling agricultural exports (PREA);
  • initiate and conduct an intensive agricultural production programme (PAPI).

The guiding principles behind the PASAC are:

  • acknowledgement of the multidimensional and multisectorial nature of food security;
  • promotion of the emergence of a competitive agricultural sector;
  • support for development of the hinterland;
  • implementation of the funding mechanisms for agricultural activity.

The 6 strategic axes for the implementation of the agricultural programme in Gabon are:

  1. Information and communication about the agricultural food security growth programme  (PASAC)
  2. Capacity building of the players and support for agricultural research;
  3. Wide availability and distribution of plant, animal and fishing products;
  4. Promotion of intensive production centres;
  5. Support for the organisation of collection and commercialisation of products;
  6. Support for access to funding for agricultural activities.

The results expected are many fold:

  • Building of structures and operational capacities of the services across the country;
  • Increasein the yields of plant and fishing production;
  • Development of 3 intensive production sites;
  • Rehabilitation of cash crops and fish farms;
  • Intensification of staple crops.