Legal and fiscal frameworks

A business-friendly environment

To ensure the development of its natural resources, Gabon created, at the outset, a favourable legal and tax framework for foreign investments. 

The country's economic prosperity, its prime geographic location, its political and social stability and the facilities offered have already encouraged many foreign investors from all sectors to set up business in Gabon.

President Ali Bongo Ondimba intends to continue in this vein and to promote investments by further easing administrative procedures: “A favourable legal and regulatory framework for public-private partnerships will quickly be implemented to encourage substantial involvement from the international and national private sector in all projects.”  administratives : « Un cadre juridique et réglementaire favorable aux partenariats publics privés sera rapidement mis en place pour favoriser une forte implication du secteur privé national et international dans tous les projets ».

Download the PDF presentation of the legal, tax and social framework for starting a business in Gabon.