Guides and codes

Guides and codes for investors

The Investment Charter

Through this investment charter, the Gabonese Republic restates its commitment to an economic and social development strategy based on a flourishing private sector, as part of the Emerging Gabon agenda.

The charter enshrines a new definition of the role of the State acting in partnership with the private sector. It states the objectives and the mechanisms implemented to favour investment, the expansion of companies and individual activities irrespective of the origins of the investor or the sector they operate in. 

In some business sectors, particularly those related to the exploitation and transformation of natural resources, specific legislation completes this investment charter with respect to the special technical and financial provisions adopted for these sectors. The institutional framework, legislative and regulatory texts have been adapted to meet the objectives of modernisation, simplification and clarity that should facilitate business and regulate it transparently and equitably. 

Download the Investment Charter.


The Forestry Code

Adopted in December 2001, the Forestry Code sets out a contractual framework. It has been automatically applicable to operators since 2005. 

It fosters:

  • The sustainable development of forests;
  • The industrialisation of the timber sector;
  • The sustainable conservation of resources;
  • Greater involvement of the local communities in the management of natural resources.

The awarding of a Sustainable Forest Management Concession (CFAD) pre-supposes:

  • An analysis of the permit and its environment (maps, management inventory, ecology diagnostics, socio-economic surveys, etc.);
  • Planning decisions (separation of permits for areas of management, production, ecological interest, scientific interest, etc.);
  • The planning of the exploitation in the production series (pace of logging, amount of logging of each tree species, exploitation methods, setting the management parameters, etc.);
  • That support measures are fixed from the point of view of sustainable development (promotion of low impact exploitation methods, inventory and mapping techniques, etc.).

Download the Forestry Code.


The Hydrocarbons Code

A new Hydrocarbons Code, drawn up by experts in economics, law and engineering from the Mining Ministry, will stipulate the legal, customs and fiscal conditions governing business in the oil industry, that is to say exploration, exploitation and the transport of products. It will also permit more effective monitoring and control of activity, operating contracts and production in this sector. This new Code will be available for download in the near future.

Download the Mining Code.


Other codes:

The Code of public contracts.

The Code of Fishing and fish-farming.