Services Gabon

Public service
An emerging land of services

The Gabon des Services pillar focuses on developing Gabon’s human resources. Gabon aims to become a regional benchmark for sectors such as financial services, new information technology resources, service jobs linked to the green economy, and the specialist areas of health and higher education.

In order to reach this goal, Gabon needs to develop its transport infrastructure and its telecommunications, as well as improve living conditions for the country’s people in relation to health, education and access to housing.


Developing transport infrastructure is a strategic part of the process of the development of Gabon Emergent.

  • The road network: 3,663 km of roads, representing 30% of the roads network, is to be asphalted so that 80% of the national traffic of people and goods can benefit from these new transport routes.
  • Port infrastructure: Gabon is launching a massive modernisation and construction drive that will cater for 90% of commercial traffic.
  • Airport infrastructure: a new international airport will be built to handle a growth in air traffic and to stake Libreville's claim as a regional air traffic hub.


Since May 2002, Libreville has been linked to the submarine SAT3 cable system (fibre optics) linking Africa to Europe.

In 2008, 39.5% of the population had a mobile telephone that was connected to a GSM network. ICT networks enjoy a 44.37% penetration rate. Gabon is aiming to strengthen the digital economy and to develop the service sector linked to Information and Communication Technologies. From 2012 onwards, Gabon will have access to broadband when it is linked to the submarine ACE fibre-optic system.

Urban policy

In order to ensure that everyone in Gabon enjoys a decent standard of living and housing, 5,000 new homes a year will be built throughout Gabon. Urban networks will be strengthened and new infrastructures and new transport routes will be created to link zones of economic and industrial activity. Public transport will also be developed, and green spaces and leisure areas will be built in towns.

Education and health

Economic and social development is based on enhancing knowledge and training for young people, who are at the centre of President Ali Bongo Ondimba’s agenda for social development. The state is committed to making high quality training available to the young people of Gabon, training that will enable them to improve their quality of life and that will underpin the country's strengths. The goal is, in particular, to encourage high level research and to develop an outstanding public health system. A special economic zone for higher education is being developed, and a research and development fund is being put together for research institutes and laboratories and public and private research bodies.